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  • Sharon Hultzer

Surviving the Covid-19 Lockdown

With South Africa having already had 3 weeks of lockdown, you are now well into the "new normal" of no fast foods, no restaurant meals, and no relief from meal preparation 7 days a week!

Here are my top tips to help you get by, as the weeks march on:

  • Stick to a meal routine! Being on lockdown in your home means 24/7 access to the fridge and snack cupboard! Keep to your usual routine of 3 meals a day, and perhaps a morning and afternoon snack if that is what you were used to pre-lockdown.

  • Don't forget the vegetables! When you do your infrequent grocery shopping, stock up on vegetables that last well such as butternut, green beans, mealies, onions, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot. Frozen vegetables are a lifesaver in these times where fresh produce is not easily available. If you do buy more highly perishable vegetables such as spinach, baby marrows, cauliflower and broccolli, then use them up while they are still fresh - perhaps cooking bulk savoury mince, stews or vegetable curries.

  • To ease the strain of daily food preparation, cook in bulk and freeze meals for another day. Rice, mince, chicken dishes, stews and lasagnes all freeze well and may save the day when homeschooling and working from home don't leave much time for thinking about supper.

  • Snack on fresh fruit, yoghurt and small portions of nuts rather than trying out too many new cookie recipes!

Let's stay home, stay safe and beat this curve together South Africa!

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