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"Let food be thy medicine..." Hippocrates

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Meet Sharon

I'm a dedicated Consulting Dietitian with over 20 years of clinical and therapeutic experience. I delight in helping and successfully motivating patients in making lifestyle changes to improve their health.  I am a multifaceted individual with diverse clinical experience, ranging from general adult and paediatric nutritional management to critical care intervention. I love what I do...   

Every journey begins with the first step...
take your first step today.


Individual, Family & Group Nutrition Counselling


Ever wondered if you are eating the right foods to manage your Diabetes, blood pressure or heart condition?

Are you struggling with post-op symptoms after gut surgery?

Keen to improve your cholesterol blood results before increasing your medication?

Ever felt confused navigating your way through the grocery store?

Does your child need help to improve concentration at school?

Ever wondered if you are feeding your children enough calcium to maximise their growth and development?

Ever struggled to produce a meal that is healthy and enjoyed by the whole family?

Concerned about the prevalence of cancer resulting from poor dietary habits?

Let Sharon guide you through the maze of Nutrition Decisions. 

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